A fight for the ages…

January 6th, 2009

A fight for the ages…. (per the title)

Gladiator Ready….

Gladiator Ready……


And a winner emerges

(Apparently I posted this as a ‘page’ instead of a post. I fail at the internet)

TENORI-ON (looks like a toy, creates music like a pro)

November 10th, 2008

So as some of you may or may not know, I like to dabbled with music.  Whether it be clumsily playing my guitar or tinking out a few things on my Axiom-61 usb Keyboard.  So I’m always on the look out for new toys to play with electronic or otherwise.  Well while scouring some of my normal sites on the net I bumped into a youtube video of a girl (an attractive one at that)playing with what looks to be a large extravagant version of the old Tiger hand held Lights Out game from the mid 90’s and singing along

Lights Out(cool huh)

Anyway, after being thuroughly impressed wth her, and her ‘toy’ I did a little investigation.  Her toy is actually a musical instrument/synth/loop buider (ok it’s kind of a toy too I guess)  It’s called the TENORI-ON and it’s made by Yamaha.  It’s really pretty cool, not just the simplicity of how it works and how you set loops, but the extra little stuff they put in the display how the notes, explode, or pop when they’re played.  This is the video that got me interested. (It’s a cover of Hot Chip – Ready for the floor)

And if you’re just interested in ‘little boots’ (the girl in the video) check out this link where she sings,plays stylophone, tenori-on, piano, and claps along.  It’s good stuff

Anyway, the christmas season is right around the corner, so if you don’t know what to get your tech friend who loves music take a hint.  Oh, MRSP is a scant $1200

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Not much for words…

October 1st, 2008

Posts are far and few inbetween.  So this is me in pictures, with one word descriptions





Got better 1 word descriptions than me?  Prove it.

Latest Trophy

September 11th, 2008

Here is my latest trophy.  Even though he wasn’t really.  He was CPR’d (catch, photo, release in case you were curious)  Lets just say he wasn’t my target fish at the time, but apparently he was hungrier than all other fish in the area.


as always, click for a larger picture.

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Bits and Pieces (in pictures)

July 25th, 2008
  • I’ve figured out where all of the sandbags go after the flood waters have left.  They go to the Sandbag grave yard.  How obvious, I know!
  • I went fishing at Sugema Lake with Bryan.  The fishing was good, finding underwater trees was not.  And yes, that’s a fish grabber I’m using.  I’m not sure why actually.  It was among the random things that Bryan had acquired and apparently it needed to be used at least once.
  • This is what I kept from fishing.  But after cleaning and frying up so many fish this gave me incentive to keep more of my catch, clean em, and freeze em.  I’m planning on having a fish fry with friends later this year.  You’re invited!
  • I had a birthday earlier this week and this is a self portrait I took of myself before I went out with friends.  I’ve since shaved the beard, but I got a bigger hat.

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Horizontal rain = Horizontal tree

July 9th, 2008

It’s not much of an equation i know, but it holds true, as the pictures below (and in the gallery) will prove

So… I have a lot of clean up to do. The worst part of the whole thing isn’t cutting up the fallen tree, it’s carrying it up the hill in the back of my yard and putting it the bed of my truck. If I could get my truck into my back yard it would be so much simpler and quicker. Well being the resourceful little gnome that I am I rigged up what I like to call the poor mans brush cart. It consists of 10 feet of plastic green snow fence, about 30 feet of rope, a wooden stick, and the pole from a broken push broom (fyi, push brooms aren’t meant to replace snow shovels)

How do I move brush?  Ghetto Stylee!

Brush goes on the specially designed mesh leave/branch holding surface (snow fence) I fold the back side over top once I have a full load, bungie it to the pole in front and attach the ropes to the mad max tractor. It may look ghetto, but it beats the hell out of making 50+ trips through the back of my yard carrying pokey wet branches to my truck.

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An elephant never forgets, sparrows don’t either apparnetly

June 23rd, 2008

So, as we’ve all seen, the sparrows felt the need to turn my truck into a bird mansion of sorts. I quickly thwarted their plans, and removed them from my truck just as gently as possible and released them into their natural habitat. Since then I’ve made sure to keep my windows up when I park in my driveway.
Well, apparently the sparrows weren’t all to happy with me. Keep in mind that I’ve been living at my house for almost 2 years now. There are no tree’s that overhang my driveway, and no nests around (except for that robbin’s nest that i tore down in my garage early this spring) I have never noticed an abnormal amount of bird doody (keeping it PG for the younger readers) on my truck. Until a couple of days ago that is…..
bird poop 1 bird poop 2

You may not be able to tell from the smaller pictures (click to see larger versions) but apparently the sparrows were not happy, and now neither am I.  Perhaps it’s time I invest in a Red Ryder.

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This is not your nest

June 18th, 2008

Ok, birds aren’t the brightest of creatures but this is a pretty easy comparison

…………Birdhouse………………………..Not a birdhouse…………..

Easy enough yes?

Apparently not. That’s what I get for leaving my windows cracked. 2 Flying Mice

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Bits and Pieces

June 17th, 2008
  • In the previous post I showed pictures of Cedar Falls being sand bagged and under water. As the water starts to recess where do the sand bags go? Do we need to assemble another team of super workers and haul em back to the dump?
  • I have added boat pictures (mostly so Brian will stop complaining about only seeing my console, or a 4 foot section of my boat at a time) I’m almost content, however I went to wire my fish finder only to discover that it no longer turns on. Guess I should have put the cover on the boat before the last rain
  • Another boat note, I have successfully launched and trailered my boat by myself. Not to say it went smoothly, but there has got to be a way to do it with out getting so damn wet.
  • Took this pictures in the checkout lane at Hy-Vee. Apparently someone had a change of heart and decided having soft stools is less important than being embarrassed.
  • I made an attempt to mow the back 40 the other day only to realize that the Mad Max Tractor wouldn’t start. Apparently it doesn’t like sitting out in the rain either. (Needed a new Starter Solenoid $9.99 at your local farm and fleet)

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The Flood of ot eight.

June 11th, 2008

No good information or breaking news for you.  Just thought I’d let you know I posted a few pictures I took while sandbagging downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa yesterday.

Flooding/Sandbagging Photos

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