Wireless Camera: not actually worthless…

January 17th, 2006

Yes, it’s true I have found a use for the wireless camera that I received for christmas from my older brother. I know you’re all dying to know exactly just what it is I’m doing with it, so here is the setup…

I am officially a big game hunter! (bet you didn’t see that one comming) Now when I say “big game” I technically mean over sized racoon, but close eoungh. So, we (Pete, Scott, Rodd, John, and myself) decided we needed to hunt down said racoon, but do it in a somewhat quiet manner(Scott’s neighbors are nature freaks). The original plan was to put some food out and wait for the coon’ to show up and kill him(using our primitive weapons), but I came up with a better Idea. We have been feeding him (or possibly her) a mixture of tuna, kippers, and 2 knids of sardines on a nightly basis, but we weren’t quite sure what was eating them, or if the wind was just carrying this wonderful slurry away. So we setup the wireless camera (thank you brother scott) , moved the food within 10-15 feet of it, and recorded 6 hours of video. The next day we reviewed the tapes and low and behold, there was our coon, stealing away our delicious fish mixture (it really is quite delicious). So, here’s the plan we know it takes the coon approximately 3 minutes to eat said mixture so we’re either going to set up the cam, go inside and have some spirits and wait until he shows up, then blitzkrieg him (WW2) style, or just set out the food close to the house and camp on the garage roof with weapons in hand. Weapons being: 1 high powered pellet gun, 2 non-compound bows (comeplete with freaking expensive carbon aarows), 1 blow gun, and possibly someone with some rocks depending on how many people (hunters) there are.

I know you’re probably alll a little disappointed in my for using the camera this way, as I assume it is illegal, but for a wireless/battery powered camera I could of found few things things worse to use it for.

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They’re called recurve bows. Not “non-compound”. You should try this plan instead of yours. I think you’ll be much more sucessful than trying to shoot two recurve bows that aren’t sighted in (one w/ out sights even), a blow gun w/ very limited range, and a pellet gun w/ no night sights.

1. get some baseball bats (softball bats might work- no guarantee ;) )
2. keep said bats nearby
3. have lots of flashlights ready (headlamps might work very well in this situation)
4. watch your monitor
5. when it comes to dine run outside w/ bats
6. surround the objective (if your dog wasn’t hunting-retarded, he’d be useful in this situation)
7. blind the objective w/ flashlights
8. utilize baseball bats
9. dispose of evidence
10. wash blood from hands/clothes/face
11. be merry

Comment by Brian 01.18.06 @ 12:10 am

This is illegal and you’re all going to jail.

Comment by DNR OFFICER RALPH PHEROU 01.18.06 @ 12:13 am

How old are you guys? 12? Let me guess.. you wear camo too… and then when you are done, you all snuggle up in the living room and pull out sleeping blankets and tell ghost stories and try to stay up all night!

Comment by Nate 01.18.06 @ 8:20 am

Yes, we’re 12…. The only camo worn was a cheap cammo trucker hat that brian gave me. And there are no ghost stories or snuggling, as mentioned in the post we will be waiting inside enjoying some fine spirits.
This is not ‘brokeback’ hunting.

Comment by Matt Fiddelke 01.18.06 @ 11:00 am

no seriously. You’re all going to jail as soon as I find out who you are.

Comment by DNR OFFICER RALPH PHEROU 01.19.06 @ 12:28 am

Wow. You sure are a bunch of mean people. I can’t believe you’d harm a poor defenseless little creature. I mean seriously, it’s not like I’ve ever done anything like that with a defenseless creature. Throwing a wild snarling cat off a water tower is self defense. :-D

Comment by King Processor 01.19.06 @ 9:38 am

Not to make things more illegal, but subsonic 22 rounds are available. :) oh, and the pellet gun has sights and was tested to be quite accurate. bats would be much funnier though. To those who say that this is a poor defensless animal, you need to see the size of this thing. if we are stepped on, we will die, but this is a risk we are going to take for the benefit of man kind. Also, because of boredom.

Comment by aldwardo 01.20.06 @ 11:00 am

“subsonic 22 rounds are available” … sub sonic .22 rounds are not quiet by any means. Sub-sonic just means that their initial velocity is not beyond the speed of sound (i.e.

Comment by I tricked you guys, I'm not really a DNR officer 01.20.06 @ 10:58 pm

what the crap. it cut my comments off.

Comment by I tricked you guys, I\'m not really a DNR officer 01.20.06 @ 10:59 pm

the jist of it was that sub-sonic doesn’t mean quiet. Neither does a ‘silenced’ firearm. The moral of the story is, just kill it with baseball bats.

Comment by I tricked you guys, I\\\'m not really a DNR officer 01.20.06 @ 11:00 pm

Subsonic does not mean silent, but it does mean quieter. Because it is subsonic, (slower than the speed of sound) you do not get the crack you geet with the sonic boom of normal rounds. This means that it will not be near as loud, especially in a bolt action 22 lr since they do not eject, the noise is not able to come out of the side of the gun.

Comment by ralph mcphart 01.23.06 @ 12:00 pm

i were rong. it is not much quieter, but I forgot how long the 22 rifle is. It is like a damn cap gun. The pistol is out of the question, still too loud. Can you get subsonic 7.62×39 rounds? :)

Comment by sex mit matt 01.27.06 @ 1:46 pm

you could load your own sub-sonic 7.62 rounds if you wanted the bullets to fall 2 feet from the barrel….

Comment by I tricked you guys, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not really a DNR officer 01.27.06 @ 9:01 pm

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