1&1 Internet I’ve had just about enough of you.

September 16th, 2014

I just received an email stating that my internet hosting company ( 1and1.com ) will begin charging service/support fee’s because my site is using php 5.2 and php 5.2 is outdated and not the suggested version of PHP to run. Now, aside from the fact that I find that as a completely ridiculous way to nickel and dime someone, there is also the fact that I never specifically chose PHP 5.2 as my php version of choice. No where did I specify that I wanted PHP 5.2 over some other version. I just didn’t specifically choose to use 5.5 or 5.6. Completely absurd.

1&1 Control Panel_2014-09-16_11-07-16
So, to avoid these new ‘support fees’ I have to sign into my 1and1.com control panel and specify what version of PHP i wish to use. Ok, I can do that. So I sign in, Navigate the PHP settings page and attempt to make the change.  Easy enough.


1&1 Control Panel_2014-09-16_11-09-39

How convenient.  So if I don’t change this setting that I didn’t specifically choose in the first place, you’ll charge me more for my hosting plan. And now I can’t even change the option.

In all honesty this isn’t the first time 1and1 has tried to pull something where you will be charged extra unless you make a change to you plan, and quite frankly I’m sick of it.

In June of last year 1And1.com sent an email saying that they were adding new ‘features’ to my account and that it was an incredible value.  And by default my monthly hosting bill would increase because of these features and if I didn’t want them then I would have to respond to an email to let them know’

If you decide not to benefit from the many new features we offer, please inform us of your request in writing within four weeks of receiving this email to contracts_us@1and1.com.

If we do not hear from you, the price adjustment will take effect during the next regular billing cycle after August 1st, 2013, and you will continue to benefit from future improvements.

The only problem being, was that it didn’t work. The emails bounced back because they (lets just assume accidentally) had the mailto link point to  different a different email address than what the actual text displayed.  Tricky Tricky

Needless to say, I’ve had enough.

This blog will probably go dark.  Which is probably for the best, as I don’t really use it much anymore, but I’ll be moving my hosting for other projects to a different provider.   Please feel free to leave hosting suggestions or harsh comments about 1And1.  Both are more than welcome.

Ok so it’s been a while….

January 25th, 2011

And this is just something completely random…..

I just got done watching the State of the Union Address.  However my comment has nothing to do with that, you’ll here no opinions regarding how right or wrong Obama is. My observation is completely random.

I think Shepard Smith is a robot, or possibly ‘Agent Smith’

That is all…..

See you in 13 months.

What to do with 1800 christmas lights?

November 27th, 2009

Well, it looks like my ability to find deals and my desire for frivolously spending money on crap i don’t need has gotten the best of me yet again.

The other day I stumbled upon a deal for a case of Christmas lights.  I am now the proud owner of 6 boxes(1 case) of 300 light strings of energy leeching seasonal bliss.  But for $6 shipped how could I (or anyone) say no?

I thought it would be cool to decorate the pine tree in my front yard.  Anyone have a skyjack?  So, any ideas as to what I should do with these?

1800 Christmas Lights

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Ever wonder what’s in a woot Bag of Crap?

November 10th, 2009

1x Linksys OGV200 (Network Optimizer for Gaming and Voip)
1x Vince Young Gladiators of the gridiron (now with real bench warming action!!!)
1x Chop and Grate Set (which i purchased when it was for sale the first time around)
1x SoundMaster Express (Speaker Tote for iPod)
1x Belkin XM Case
6x Halloween Flasher things so the little children don’t get run over I suppose.
1x Box sans Woot Logo but apparently laced with the smell of delicious critters

Woot Bag of Crap!!!

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Tips For Life #2

October 13th, 2009

Sometimes getting up a couple of minutes early in the morning albeit annoying, can prove useful.

Had I done this yesterday I would of prevented myself from taking my shoes off at work and looking like I just stepped out of a boxcar.   Maybe next time I’ll just get up early and verify that my dog hasn’t eaten the socks that I decided to wear, or maybe I’ll make sure to find my harmonica and pack it up with my can of beans and the rest of my belongings and tie it up in my hanker-chief around my stick.  It’s a toss up really…


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Tips For Life #1

October 9th, 2009

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to chase a run away ping pong ball and not look like a toddler chasing a bullfrog

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Broken Bones

August 24th, 2009

Well really it’s just one bone.

This is what happens when you jump a dirtbike and land like an idiot

Broken Clavicle

There are a few more pictures in the Gallery of the results of me attempting a jump (yes I was on the kiddie course) on my 1999 Honda CR250 and landing on the front tire.

Enjoy my stupidity

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Fishing tip of the week.

June 29th, 2009

This weekend an old man shared a little fishing tip with me about how to catch bass

Try throwing something that looks like a minnow or a worm

Thank you old man.  Without being blessed by your profound observations, I’d probably still be tying sticks and rocks to the end of my line.

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This just in…

June 5th, 2009

I have officially been cleared of all charges and the lawsuit against me has been “Dismissed with predjudice”

Having never been a defendant(besides for one traffic violation as a wee lad), or been sued for that matter I was unsure what that actually meant.  First thought, the charges were dropped and they’re not happy about it.  What it actually means… When a case is dismissed for good reason and the plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim.  Hoooray, no more silly law suits.

And if you have no idea what i’m talking about, I got dragged into a law suit for my accident that happened 2+ years ago (lawsuit was filed 1 day before the statute of limitations was met, convenient ehh).  The plaintiff said that I caused injury to her by hitting her car from behind after the Mini van had hit her head on.  Except by that time her car had already left the highway, crossed the ditch and ended up in a field. The only vehicle I hit was the dust buster-esque mini van that was careening towards me in my lane after hitting the plaintiffs car.

Justice was serverd!! (at least in my side of the case)

Bits and Pieces

March 18th, 2009

Yeah it’s been a long while, but I’m still here… I’m a busy boy

  • I got a new job!  I’m no longer Full Time DBA at CBE.  I’ve moved on to Veridian.  What’s that mean?  Lots of things, new faces, new skill sets, new problems, AND a new wardrobe.  Anybody want some heavily worn polo’s?
  • My house is a mess. (Surprise Surprise)  I’m currently redoing my kitchen cabinets.  Just kind of a spur of the moment deal.  Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard to was to remove 4 layers of polyurethane and nasty orange stain.   Before, During and After pictures will be posted when I finish (in 6 months)
  • I got a new toy!  1999 CR250.  I haven’t had the chance to ride it more than just the test drive and down the road and back (ok and once around the back yard but that made a BIG mess so I wont be doing that again) but it’s one scary machine.  And if you’re not sure what a 1999 CR250 is it’s a big mean dirt bike.
  • The ice has melted!  It’s time to get out and do some open water fishing!

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